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Welcome to Delhi Swingers

Swingers Contacts.

Delhi Swingers is the best place to meet to new swinging friends in Delhi. We have a database of over 5.5 million swingers with over 50,000 new people joining every day. We have thousands of Swingers in Delhi looking for fun with Couples, Ladies and Single men.

It takes just 5 minutes to join the site and you can start browsing through the member profiles of the swingers in Delhi.

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Swingers are Not Prostitutes

Swingers vs Prostitutes

Over the years that we have been running Swingers Contact Sites in India we have noticed that a lot of single men are under the impression that Swingers are the same as Escorts, Call Girls or Prostitutes.

This is a Swingers Website, we do not allow Prostitutes to advertise on this site.

Swingers and Prostitutes are very different:

  • Swingers = Free Fun and Enjoyment for all.
    • Prostitutes = Money and Fun for the clients only.
  • Swingers have sex with other people for their own enjoyment.
    • Prostitutes have sex with other people for Money and the clients pleasure.
  • Swingers never charge people to have sex.
    • Prostitutes will have sex with anyone for Money.
  • Swingers only have sex with people that they find attractive.
    • Prostitutes have sex with anyone for Money.
  • Swingers only do what they enjoy when having sex.
    • Prostitutes will do almost anything the client wants for Money.
  • If someone advertises as a swinger but asks for money, they are Prostitutes, not Swingers.
    • We delete all adverts for Prostitutes when we are told about their profile.
  • Swingers may be called Swingers, Wife Swappers, Sharers - But none will charge for sex.
    • Prostitutes may call themselves Escorts or Call Girls - no matter what they call themselves, anyone who charges for sex is a prostitute.
  • Some Sex Clubs or Parties advertise themselves as Swingers Clubs or Swingers Parties.
    • If the club or party charges for anything other than an entrance fee, or if the club or party employs ladies to have sex with the clients, the club or party is not a Swingers Club or Swingers Party, it is a Brothel and the girls are Prostitutes.
    • Swingers Clubs and Swingers Parties NEVER employ people to have sex with their guests.

This website is for Swingers, so our Helpdesk works hard to remove all the profiles of Prostitutes. Please let us know if anyone asks for money to meet, we will delete their profile, block their email address and block their IP address so that they cannot advertise again.

Delhi Swingers

Real Men Don't Rape

be a real man, dont rape womenWe are saddened and horrified by the very high number of rapes and sexual assaults against women and children accross India.

A real man would never force a woman or child to have sex.

If we ever hear of any of our members being involved in any rape or sexual assault we will inform the police and try to have them prosecuted.

Please be a man, never force yourself onto a woman, never join in gang rape, never grope a woman. Unless a woman has asked you to touch her genitals you are committing a sexual assault.

Never "Eve Tease", this is also a sexual assault, and not something a man of honour would do.

If you discover that you know a rapist be a real man and report him to the police.

Tips for successful meetings

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Swingers Clubs and Parties

Swingers Clubs and Parties

We have been researching Swingers Clubs for several years and have created a website where you can see a listing of swinging clubs and swingers parties for you to explore, but we need to know about the clubs and parties we have missed. If you attend or run a club we don't have listed please use the contact page to let us know about it, or if you have a swingers club you want to advertise, or if you hold swingers parties and want us to publicise them for you then please feel free to get in touch with us, you will find our email details on the contact us page.

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Swingers Vacations

Swingers Vacations

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